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Hello! My name is Theseus B. Fall/Theseus Kai Toby Blaze Fall. I used to have a blog on here, multiple actually. I also changed my username on this site for reasons. I am a mentally ill queer abuse survivor who is glad to be back and using this site again and I will write more here once I do more with this site and make webshrines and such. For now enjoy the site! Any old page I had linked here should still work as long as you add my new username to the url.

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An image showing a one month sub to the streamer Philza and a moments badge with a username next to it.

I got gifted a sub to philza!! One month! So I put this here to celebrate it!! I added this bit onto my website on 4/27/2022! (NOTE APPARENTLY IT WAS GIFTED TO ME ON THE 25TH and i didnt see it i was afk I think. 4/25 is now historically a very good day for me.) I cant sub on my own so Im veryy happy!! (also i wanted to keep my twitch seperate from here same with my youtube but yolo!!!)

I added the song warriors to my homepage because its really important to me. it was their at key moments of my life, arguably saved my life multiple times and is one of the many things on this earth i owe everything to. liteally. Its like my song in a sense. it will always follow me. It did so much for me. Might make a special page dedicated to this songs impact.

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